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PostPostano: 20 ožu 2015, 14:44 
I love this picture because it is a very simple image that makes a very powerful impact.
These are two new marines on their first day in boot camp. Their heads have just been shorn, and they are ordered to stand uncomfortably close together.
The fact that this is a simple picture does not mean the photographer played a minor role.
For one, he chose to crop the picture very closely, which strengthens the uneasy, forced intimacy. Secondly, the picture is in black and white, with high contrast between the white and the black, which reinforces the theme of racism – the black guy is behind, and less tall than, the white guy. Thirdly, it is suggested that the bottom lip of the recruit in the back touches the neck of the one in front, which in reality probably was not the case but was achieved by the angle chosen by the photographer.
So we have a deceptively simple image, two faces in profile with very little expression, touching on big, uncomfortable subjects like militarism, racism, homophobia…

thomas hoepker - parris island, south carolina US marine corps boot camp.jpg
thomas hoepker - parris island, south carolina US marine corps boot camp.jpg [ 87.21 KiB | Pogledano 4312 put/a. ]
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