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Autor/ica Poruka
PostPostano: 20 ožu 2015, 14:38 
I love this picture because, even more than the previous one, it touches on some deep issues concerning Morocco. A woman, a child, walls, shadows, light.
The composition is beautiful, in my opinion, although slightly awkward, there is tension here, not harmony. The colors are beautiful, slightly oversaturated but not too unrealistic (I’ve been there, in Asilah). The woman hides her face from the photographer, but her veil is diaphanous. The child in the right bottom corner runs away, but this could be playful. The shadows do not dominate the picture, but the woman is walking toward the darkest of them.
And then you notice the stunning visual rhyme between the shadow on the turquoise wall and the disappearing child (in all probability created by the photographer when cropping the picture) and this shadow becomes, I feel, threatening.

gruyaert asilah 1976.jpg
gruyaert asilah 1976.jpg [ 107.39 KiB | Pogledano 4303 put/a. ]
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